The secret to your success is my wellness web design origin story


[It all started when...]

Introspec Marketing was founded with the belief that all good website marketing starts from within. I offer value-driven Squarespace web design services for those in the wellness industry.

Think companies that help consumers make conscious decisions to improve the overall state of health and livelihood.

Yep! Let me dive in a bit deeper.

I work with entrepreneurs that focus on physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, occupational, and environmental well-being of society. And, I am not afraid to say that my clients are the best kind of people. The kind that put lot’s of good into the world…often selflessly.

So, ummm…hi there.

My name is Lana and I think introspection is a superpower.

Both when it comes to your success as a wellness entrepreneur & as a key factor in mindful wellness web design.

…because emotion makes you hear.

You see, I build mindful websites in just 7 days by tapping into emotional intelligence to really capture the interest of your target market and position your business as an authority in your space.

Companies often spend a lot of time on brand perception and how they appear to the outside world without first taking the time to introspect or understand who they are on the inside. That is where the initial enhancement needs to take place. As marketers, we ask the question, "Are you more concerned with how you appear, or what is happening within you?" Once the introspection process takes place, I help you create your brand vision that can come to live on your website. I will then work with you to create emotional and social connections that create brand loyalty and refine the brand experience across all pages of your website.

More specifically, I will work with you to

  • Create a mindful website that unlocks the full potential of your offer in just 7 days so you can make a lasting impact as wellness entrepreneur without getting lost in tech or running out of your finances.

  • Improve your benefit positioning by creating curated, cohesive, and value-driven experiences through all of your website distribution channels

  • Build targeted customer persona profiles that help your target market self-identify on your website to ensure relevancy and provide greater value in all of your marketing efforts

  • Maximize authentic brand awareness on your website

  • Generate more leads & more sales by targeting people who have genuine interest in your products and services through your actionable web design copywriting

  • Connect your website to the right social media distribution channels

  • Select the right website marketing automation tools so you can use your KPIs and metrics to make smarter business decisions

  • Help you build a brand through your website by showing you that you can be candid, authentic, and honest & still make money without trickery

  • Use your website to become a thought leader in your space

My website design style is built on interactive, educational, valuable, and pull based dialog that focuses on creating thought leadership and omnichannel experience through each stage of your customer journey. I chose to specialize in the wellness industry because I wanted to use our marketing expertise to work with people who share my passion for creating a healthier and more fulfilling life - and understand the importance of having all marketing emanate from that. Introspec Marketing was founded in Cincinnati, OH, but I am offering marketing services to companies nation-wide.

My Operators

The following 10 operators exemplify my brand personality & explain how my clients and I create value together:

  • We are health & wellness advocates

  • We are introspective

  • We have strong beliefs

  • We create a movement

  • We act on insights

  • We follow through

  • We go beyond the physical

  • We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence

  • We cultivate authentic customer relationships

  • We recognize the individuality of our customers and their needs

To improve my client's strategy, I focus on brand relevance instead of brand awareness. I use the brand asset valuator (BAV) as a model of brand equity. The BAV, developed by Young & Rubicam, was founded from research that involved about 500,000 consumers in 44 countries.

The BAV, looks at differentiation, energy, relevance, esteem and knowledge as the key attributes of brand equity. Differentiation refers to brand's unique competitive advantage. Energy refers to brand's momentum. Relevance looks at the spread of brand appeal. Esteem measures brand perception and reputation. Knowledge measures consumer familiarity with the brand.

These 5 key attributes are pillars for building a successful brand through your website.

Your competitive advantage must be seen as a customer advantage. #value