because what we do matters more than what we say we’ll do

My clients represent wellness entrepreneurs and wellness companies in many niches including nutrition, meditation, chiropractic, yoga, health coaching, wellness architecture, holistic wellness, emotional wellness, pet wellness and physical wellness. I work hard to create memorable client experiences by focusing on how my clients feel and how well I solve their problems first and foremost.

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Namaste beautifuls. I am a Holistic Consultant myself and as a 3rd Generation Intuitive healer, without a doubt within 15 minutes of our initial Marketing Analysis review, I was ready to put my trust and Vision of rebranding my website design in Introspec Marketing’s hands. Talented Lana gave my lifetime vision & mission a ‘life’. I highly recommend her genuine warmth and professionalism and timely expertise. I am now beyond thrilled to share with confidence my spiritual & professional integrated services. You feel love & support during and beyond your project timeline. I already have more future plans to work with Lana and her team.
— Neelam Rai, Reiki Healer & Master Business Coach



When I first reached out to Lana to work on my business I was completely unsure of what I needed to build a business online or via Social Media. I was of the school of thought that if my instagram and Facebook accounts were done correctly it would all work and suddenly I would have clients. Lana taught me there was so much more involved in building an online business brand. From the get go she blew me away with her professional approach and her passion. She is so engaged and passionate about her clients that often I felt like I wasn’t actually paying her enough. She also made me see the light and pushed me past my comfort zone - which isn’t easy to do, and has set me up for success with the reality of what I need to do to grow. There are no magic potion promises that wont deliver with Lana. It is the truth and passion all the way. Which I love! I look forward to working with her again because I will hire her again in a flash.
— Sinead Quin Biskup, Holistic Health Coach


More Words of Kindness…

So very helpful and knowledgeable! I was blown away, at the attention to detail and how much time and care went into her responses and answers. The entire interaction was as valuable as it was kind and caring. Love!
— Buildingup2020



Lana is an incredible marketing consultant. Her love and dedication for people shine through her work. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Lana. Keep up the amazing work!
— Mary-Clare Brueggemann, Arbonne Consultant