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7-Day Enchanter Squarespace Website Bundle

I will create a mindful website that unlocks the full potential of your offer in just 7 days so you can make a lasting impact as a wellness entrepreneur without getting lost in tech or running out of your finances


What if you could get inside your ideal client's mind and know exactly what to say and when to say it on your website?

I think you will agree with me when I say that it is really hard to capture relevant attention these days. What if you could get inside your ideal client's mind and know exactly what to say and when to say it? Do you want a mindful website that unlocks the full potential of your offer? Are you ready to attract new customers? 

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could create brand awareness and stick out from the competition? 

Hi, my name is Lana Maric-Beach. Today, I am a Squarespace web designer, but those are questions I used to ask myself as well.  Just imagine if you had a website that gave you the ability to make a lasting impact as a wellness entrepreneur. How would that instantly change your life and business for the better? 

Unfortunately, creating a web site that unlocks the full potential of your offer isn't easy as many false gurus want you to believe. 

You may end up spending hours researching how to create a quality website.

This often means you will get lost in tech without much progress. Or, you may end up creating a website that doesn't represent your brand well and fails to attract your ideal clients.

And, as we both know, creating a mindful website is just one key part of building a 6 figure business.  While you might try to use fancy software or waste time reading [many time useless] how-to blog articles to speed up the process, remember that you can quickly get bogged down with tons of confusing & overwhelming results you can't understand or use.

Talk about web design overload. What does this mean for you? Your finances get depleted quicker than if you were to invest in an expert because the overwhelm will stop you from making any money. Period.

Because let me confess to something here. Even with the years of marketing and leadership experience and an MBA, it took me a while to understand how to get inside my ideal client’s mind and know exactly what to say and when to say it.

Things especially took off when I created a highly engaging 5 step homepage formula using the power of emotional intelligence that seemed to crush anything else I've ever tried before.

[But, hold it. More on that later]. 

So let me ask you this.

I hear from my clients that before they turn to me, they often experience the following symptoms below. Can you relate to any of them:

Fear of failure as a wellness company.png


Oh, yes. This is a common self-defeating roller-coaster.  Have you ever put off making a decision or doing something because you are terrified it won't be good enough? Fear of failure often goes back to a vivid memory of a situation where we were humiliated, undermined or unsupported. Here's a kicker: I read somewhere that fear is usually associated with doing something the first time. And, that is so true! Because once we go all in, the fear diminishes. 

success panicking wellness company.png


Let me be the first to raise my hand here. When I began my business I used to turn clients away. One client in particular yelled at me on the phone and asked me why I even took her call if all I am trying to do was to give her reasons why working with me on this was not a good move. Gulp. How humiliating. It turns out years of corporate success and an MBA didn't give me the confidence to embrace being an entrepreneur. The truth is that success is even more complex than failure. 

diminishing confidence wellness company.png


Are you entrapped in a circle of your potential because you lack confidence? Confidence to execute your idea? Confidence to speak in front of your target audience? Confidence to "go all in" when it comes to your business? Confidence to learn new skills & technologies? The part that is terrifiying is that as long as you keep on lacking the essential self-belief, your confidence will continue to diminish. The result? Less resilience, less competence and less ambition. 


What if there was a better way?

a mindful squarespace website that unlocks the full potential of your offer in just 7 days

What if there was an easier way to build a website that delivers a dynamic, engaging & authentic user experience using the untapped potential of emotional intelligence to connect with your ideal clients?

wellness website pricing and package by squarespace web designer.jpg

Your web design is not brain science.

But, plasticity happens. And, understanding your brain a little better can help you make strong connections between between self, business and your website, so you can create a leading edge. So, how do you use emotional intelligence in web design?

My dad was killed in a war torn Bosnia when I was 10 years old.

That tragic event marked the end of my childhood in many ways. I grew up watching my mom manage feelings and handle stress. Many kids, in particular at a young age,  grow up thinking their parents are super heroes. I, however, fully conceptualized that my mom was a super hero when I became an adult. I spent much of my life looking back at her uncanny ability to use emotional intelligence to get through some of the life's toughest moments.

But wait...How was she able to provide stability, lead with conviction and inspire hope as a single mom with two young kids escaping the effect's of war, alone, in a foreign country? 

The answer is that she was emotionally intelligent.  According to Daniel Goleman, a Harvard psychologist who coined the term, "Emotional intelligence refers to how well we handle ourselves and our relationships." Goleman would tell you that my mom "managed with her heart."

And, guess what?

It turns out that leaders who manage with their heart are actually more successful because they make decisions that support the company's mission and vision.  My childhood journey taught me that the #1 way to stay ahead of the game in life and career was to tap into the power of emotional intelligence (EI).  But, it wasn't until I started teaching my clients how to use EI to build their brand & website that my clients discovered they, too, could use EI as their #1 secret weapon to create an authentic competitive advantage. 

You see, I discovered that there is an immense power in tapping into emotional intelligence to capture the interest of your target market and position your business as an authority in your space using emotional intelligence. EI is all about understanding how emotions drive the behavior to create an impact--especially during stress.  This is why your web design with me will always start with a strategic roadmap that ensures branding consistency, target market framework, and exposure of your most authentic self. With this integral self-understanding, I will help you find and retain the right clients so that the value you bring can be multiplied. 

By now, you may be wondering how emotional intelligence can bring so much power to your web design & wellness business.

Let me explain.


  1. SELF AWARENESS: Your ability to understand your feelings, thoughts, motives, desires, and character. It's about paying attention to what drives your inner being to act and being honest with yourself so you can build a wellness business that aligns with your core values. Goleman states that self awareness is a foundation you need to make good decisions and utilize your intuition. It encompasses your confidence, worth, strengths & areas for improvement--and these are key components of creating a mindful website and using emotional intelligence in web design. 

  2. SELF MANAGEMENT: Your ability to handle your emotional sates in a way that doesn't set you back. Becoming a master tuner of your emotions, so your emotions function in a way that supports your wellbeing & life. Self managing is about using your emotions to become aligned with your purpose & actions. It's also about self-control. This is especially crucial when it comes to negative emotions. Being a wellness entrepreneur doesn't come without setbacks. Self-managing encompasses your ability to handle change, self-regulate, live with integrity, be transparent, and achieve more. Are you brave enough to showcase your vulnerabilities on your website? Do you have transformational stories to share with your ideal clients that would cause them to act now if they only knew what you know today?

  3. EMPATHY: Your ability to feel another person's emotions from their perspective. Empathy is your key in understanding why people act the way they do in various environments & situations. It encompasses your ability to recognize the needs of your ideal clients, anticipate those needs, and meet their expectations. Have you taken the time to map out your ideal client profile, so your web copy speaks directly to your client's soul? Does your offer solve their biggest challenge? Think copy & offer so powerful, you have the ability to make an immediate connection that helps your clients' say, "Yes! This is for me." And, all because you tapped into your empathy better than your competitors. And, used that empathy to build a website that unlocks the full potential of your offer.

  4. RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT: Your ability to use the other 3 dimensions to manage & grow your relationships in your personal and business life. This dimension encompasses using emotional intelligence to become a change agent & leader; understanding the power of your influence & using it wisely; developing a solution mindset; and using synergy to pursue shared goals and collaborate so the impact can be multiplied.

Mindful web design uses your self awareness, self management, and empathy to build a website that recognizes, anticipates, and meets your client needs. And not only that, EI plays as a key tool in managing your relationships with your clients & network partners to create more opportunities and accelerate your success. When you use emotional intelligence to build your website, you are creating a strategy that recognizes that your clients make decisions based on how they feel.  These emotional touchpoints on your site drive engagement. 

You want to know the best part?

By going through your web design process this way, you are not just building a website in 7 days.

You are building a BRAND that's aligned with your soul's purpose. A brand you can stand behind, so when you have to ask for a sale, it never feels pushy or icky. 

And, here's why...


  1. Your purpose, core values, vision and differentiation will be clearly communicated to ensure your positioning is identified, so you can create a leading edge as a wellness entrepreneur. This is how we will raise the bar!

  2. Your website will be simple, easy to navigate, modern and eye-catching to ensure when your ideal clients visit your website, each experience is memorable & enjoyable.

  3. Your website copy will be relevant, targeted (niche), and educational because we will take the time to understand your clients (thoughts, motives & desires), the keywords your target market is using, and your industry.

  4. Your website will be an extension of your brand. Your web design will start with a strategic roadmap that ensures the branding consistency and exposure of your most authentic self.

  5. Your website will contain strategic conversion opportunities and calls to action that build your email list & grow your tribe, so you can have a site that is both beautiful & functional.

My Squarespace Web Design Portfolio

I will show you just what makes my 7-day Enchanter Bundle so special next, but first, here are some examples of my work. Just think to yourself: Are you ready to have your site look like this in just 7 days? How would that jumpstart your career and life in a way that you envisoned?


7-Day Enchanter Squarespace Website Bundle

scroll below to see the full bundle details

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your offer with your own mindful website in JUST 7 DAYS that helps you build brand authority as a subject matter expert in your space ?

wellness websites bundle mindful web design by squarespace expert.png

7-Day Enchanter Website Bundle Details & Cost

In just 7 days, I will create a mindful website for your business that unlocks the full potential of your offer so you can make a lasting impact as a wellness entrepreneur.  


  • Web design for 5 pages of your choice. The pages my clients typically include are Home, Services, Story, Blog and Contact. These pages can be customized to fit your business needs. 

  • Customized website brandboard (color scheme, font, and sample images). 

  • Simple, beautiful & modern template with customizable settings and super friendly user interface so you can take a full ownership of your site after the project without spending hours learning how to use your site or hiring expensive web developers.

  • Ability to create incredible content that engages your ideal audience & captures relevant attention including pages, video backgrounds, calendars, blogs, galleries & ecommerce stores.

  • Quality assurance/testing & mobile responsiveness. Your website will be built in mobile experience that ensure your online space looks great & works great on every device.

  • Greater selection of fonts (Free Google Font and Free Type Kit Font included) to ensure a unique site experience that matches your brand vibe.

  • Built-in website analytics.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) that includes automatic Google sitemaps, clean URLs that are easily indexed by Google, keyword rich page and image titles, and correct image sizes. My commitment to your site's SEO ensures your chances of being discovered on Google are increased.

  • Connection to all of your social media accounts including the ability to pull content directly from your Instagram on to your page, sidebar or footer. You can also connect to your Facebook page.

  • Image curation for your site to ensure your images tell a powerful story & capture the essence of your brand & purpose (images curated from multiple sites that are free to use for commercial use).

  • 1 engaging training video at the end of the project on how to edit your website & add new blog posts so you feel empowered to manage your site with ease & confidence long after the project is completed.

  • Free custom domain for the first year (initial domain registration only)

  • Ability to use G-suite with your custom domain so you can have personalized email addresses using your domain.

  • Personalized & unlimited support from me during your 7-day project to ensure you are set up for success.


  • BONUS #1: Acuity tech hookup--Offer online appointment scheduling using Acuity without using complicated embed codes (FREE: This add-on is offered as a gift for limited time only. It will be converted to a paid add-on soon.)

  • Bonus #2: MailChimp or ConvertKit tech hoookup--Connect your site to MailChimp or ConvertKit email provider (FREE: This add-on is offered as a gift for limited time only. It will be converted to a paid add-on soon). You can also sign up for a FREE ConvertKit trial.

  • Bonus #3 (I saved the best for last!): Strategic landing page using Squarespace cover pages for your freebie opt-in offer created to kick off your list building and value ladder. Includes hookup to your email provider.

Wellness Websites Package Pricing by Squarespace Designer.JPG

This website bundle valued at over $5000 is yours today for

just $1997


Optional Website Add-On Services

These website add-on services are not included as part of your bundle, but you can add them to further enhance the value of your website experience. Check them out!

Website Copy Package [$1200]

I am a huge fan of strategic design, but it's actually your copy that gets you even more sales. Yet finding the right words to express what you do can be a real challenge. This is why I have partnered up with Sophy [copywriting is her zone of genius] to help you find your unique brand voice. She will position you as an expert in your niche and create your home, services and about pages.

7-Day Brand Ignition [$597]

Learn how to build an irresistible offer by tuning your message, applying your superpower, and defining your ideal target audience in just 7 days, so you can build a lucrative wellness company without wasting time on same old marketing strategies that don't work and constantly seeing reasons why it can't happen. [Recommended before web design to maximize impact.] 


Maximize organic traffic to your site by discovering what your ideal clients are searching for on Google. The SEO Brief will help you optimize your site for SEO so you can increase your relevance & traffic through keyword targeting fast. You see, at its core, SEO is about having an in-depth understanding of your clients, their desires, and motives. Take a look at this to learn more.

Simple & Modern Logo [$497]

The most important part of your logo is that you keep it simple--and this is actually what most people get wrong. Your logo is a big part of your brand physique. It should complement your brand vibe & voice. Think  scalable & timeless. I will design a simple & modern website logo you can use on your site and social media images. This add-on service includes 2 rounds of revisions as needed.

Email Sequence [$150/email]

Setting up an automated welcome email sequence after someone signs up for your freebie nurtures your leads, builds trust & serves as a profit maximizer. Targeted email lists are often the lifeblood of your launches and campaigns. Take a look at our special welcome email formula that we use to engage your target audience without sounding spammy or salesy.

Blog Starter sATCHEL [$597]

What if I told you that this is the ONE thing that will most likely influence your website more than any other factors? According to Google, providing relevant and engaging blog content your target audience wants to find is that one thing. Think compelling & useful. But, you need the SEO content writers who understand the key attributes of blogging for your wellness business.


here's how we make it happen

The secret to my productivity is high intensity work. My website sessions fill up quickly and spots are limited to one sprint per week (and not all weeks are website sprint weeks). Together, we will deep-dive into each 7 day sprint fully & strategically engaged.  We then recommend a period of rest to recharge. Think fully on. And, then fully off. This rhythm enables our body to fully engage & disengage. The result is maximum productivity & optimal recovery through momentum & focus. To see why sprints like this one are the secret to getting more done, check this out


wellness websites website company.png
wellness websites squarespace expert.png

My promise

  1. I will send you my website contract & invoice via email for simple e-signing & processing to secure your spot on my calendar.

  2. I will email you a detailed website questionnaire that I will use to optimize your site for success.

  3. I will email you clear instructions explaining what I need from you: This includes your website copy & images. Remember website copy is not included, but can be purchased as an add-on.

  4. I will create your unique website brandboard & select an optimal Squarespace template for your business. These items will be sent to you for approval.

  5. I will be mentally ready to be fully on during our 7 day sprint. Think calls, emails, focus, teamwork & momentum.

Your promise

  1. You will e-sign the website contract & pay the 50% deposit before any work begins.

  2. You will complete the website questionnaire and submit it to me at least 2 days prior to your website start date.

  3. You will have your website copy ready. (I will provide copy guidance to set you up for success or you can purchase a copy package). You will email me your website copy and images at least 2 days prior to your website start date.

  4. You will be available during the 7 day high intensity interval to answer questions and hop on video calls as needed.

  5. You will be mentally ready to be fully on during our 7 day website sprint. Think focus, teamwork, and momentum.


7-Day Enchanter Squarespace Website Bundle


Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your offer with your own mindful website in JUST 7 DAYS that helps you build brand authority as a subject matter expert in your space? Get started today with a FREE consultation call and walk away with a special gift for your new website. Click the “get started for free” button now.

7 day enchanter wellness websites packages.png

Not just another Squarespace Web Designer

they thought i was crazy to leave my job as a director of marketing to start my own business. but when i created my website…!

Without a doubt within 15 minutes of our initial Marketing Analysis review, I was ready to put my trust and vision of rebranding my website design in Introspec Marketing’s hands. Talented Lana gave my lifetime vision & mission a ‘life’.
— Neelam Rai, Health Coach & Reiki Master

Instead of a boring “About Me” section, I will share a few truthbombs that have shaped how I run my web design business. They are a big reason why I specialize in the wellness industry (a $3.7 trillion market) and use emotional intelligence to create mindful websites for wellness entrepreneurs like you. At the end of this section, you will also find more work samples & client testimonials, so you can use tangible data to make your decision.

  • Introverts can be powerful marketers & leaders AND without the need to fake it by screaming for attention, being too animated, or just sleazy.

  • You can be both quiet & confident.

  • Few wise words can be more memorable than an animated, 30 minute speech on a podium.

  • Entrepreneurship is both scary and thrilling. You can have over 10 years of leadership & marketing experience, graduate as a top student in your MBA cohort, commit to mastering emotional intelligence AND still have periods where you feel immobilized by fear and uncertainty [like me!].

  • The easiest way to find your passion is by looking at what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what will make you money. [Ask me how I did this using my love for wellness that started during my undergraduate degree in Biology.]

  • According to 77% of people “Regularly experience symptoms caused by stress.” Most of us don’t know how to manage stress or live optimally. This means that there is an immense opportunity for wellness entrepreneurs & wellness companies to teach people how to engage in wellness activities including nutrition, eating, sleeping, wellness decor, career and relationships. Where does your vision fit in? And, can you envision a mindful website that is both beautiful and functional as a means to tell your story & build your brand presence knowing what you know now about mindful web design?

  • Remember what I said earlier. Using emotional intelligence in web design is so powerful because it uses emotion as a foundation for your strategic objectives and client engagement. Applying emotional intelligence factors in web design enables you to put your client experience at the forefront of your website strategy. I touch more on this on this post where I reveal that to increase the relevancy of your offer and messaging on your website, it is fundamental that you understand the psychology behind client motivation.


Click the Cactus for Portfolio

More neat examples to inspire your wellness company

Enter for Testimonials

Because what we actually do is > what we say we’ll do


7-Day Enchanter Squarespace Website Bundle


Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your offer with your own mindful website in JUST 7 DAYS that helps you build brand authority as a subject matter expert in your space? Get started today with a FREE consultation call and walk away with a special gift for your new website. Click the “get started for free” button now.

squarespace website company for health and wellness.jpg

Two Types of Wellness Entrepreneurs

What is the real difference between a wellness entrepreneur who makes 6 figures and one that just continues to struggle?

The answer is point of no return. Let me explain. 

If you are anything like me, you grew up believing that willpower is the answer. The answer to getting more clients. The answer to building a powerful brand. The answer to becoming a trusted authority in a very competitive online space.

But, wait. What if I told you were wrong.

What if I told you that willpower doesn't work. I was always praised for my willpower.  The truth is that it was my biggest asset and my #1 dream killer.

Promoted at every job quicker than anyone I knew and burned out just as quickly.


I had no limits even if it meant sacrificing what mattered to me the most such as time with my family.


I was stuck managing a broken life too afraid to go all in and change my environment.


I thought I was brave to keep pushing through a broken corporate system even if it broke me.


Until life hit me in the face. Until I reached a point of no return in my last corporate job. My story is not atypical. Let’s just say it got bad. Real bad…Can you relate?

And, it wasn’t until I changed my environment that my life began to change.

Let’s talk about that for a minute.

I looked at successful entrepreneurs and realized that the biggest difference between success and failure is deep sense of commitment to their vision. Benjamin Hardy, a #1 writer on, shared the hidden keys to success in his book, “Willpower Doesn’t Work.”

The whole book is life-changing, but here’s a part you should pay close attention to…

When someone invests in themselves or their dream, their commitment becomes solidified. Once invested, the person’s identity & complete orientation toward their objective changes.
— Benjamin Hardy

That is the power of Point of No Return. I think you can see that when you fully commit yourself, everything moves in the direction of your success.

Because you change.

It’s kind of miraculous.

So, that’s it. That’s the difference between a wellness entrepreneur who makes 6 figures and one that continues to struggle. The road to 6 figures ends up being a bunch of action steps. But, it all starts with a commitment to a vision.

Let me ask you one final question:

What is your vision? And, when are you going to go all in?

If you ready to cross the threshold between a wannabe wellness entrepreneur and a doe, let’s jump on a free website consultation call today.

No strings attached.

If we are a right match, great! If not, fair enough. You will still walk away with a super valuable homepage success formula you can use to set up your website homepage in a way that gets you more leads.

My experience is that you may be scared right now.

And that, too, is normal. I don’t know if your time is now. Only you can answer that. But, don’t let your time disappear. Money replenishes. Time does not. And, what will change for you if you just wait for another time?

wellness websites by squarespace expert free website consultation call.png

The greatest risk…

is to stop taking chances because the ones you took so far didn’t work out.


Click “Get Started for Free” to schedule your website consultation call and claim your free gift today.