Squarespace Study Nook 

[A cozy nook for wellness entrepreneurs to learn how to build a mindful squarespace website, create their brand identity and reach ideal clients using funnels]

Because if you are determined to learn, you are unstoppable. DIY Study Nook is for you if you are ready to identify what makes you different, find your voice, create your target market profile, and learn how you can build your wellness website in a way that is both engaging, quick and simple. DIY Study Nook is also your place for funnel training, which serves as your client accelerator system. We will talk a lot about the hacks & tools necessary to master Squarespace, so you can use Squarespace as a key tool in accelerating your brand presence & authority. The masterclasses in this DIY Study Nook are fundamental. They are deliberate. They are transformational. You will gain immense clarity. And best of all, you will feel empowered beyond belief as you see your purpose, website and business come to life.

But wait…are you in the right place?

Let’s see.

My clients are passionate about helping consumers make conscious decisions to improve the overall state of health and livelihood. Is this you? More specifically, I work with wellness businesses that focus on the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, occupational, and environmental well-being of our society. Your impact to make this world a little more well IS SIGNIFICANT. No matter how small it seems some days. Don’t compare yourself. Your gifts are unique and authentic. Follow your inner being to lead you to the right path with openness. Because guess what? According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy is now 3.7 trillion and growing.

Think about that potential!

Together, we are shaping the state of being healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Are you ready to make a long-lasting impact as a wellness entrepreneur?

Check out the wellness website & branding packages below to start your journey!

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7-day brand identity ignition so you can build an IRRESISTIBLE offer and lead with clarity

[Sitting with Yourself: Learn how to build an irresistible offer by tuning your message, applying your superpower, and defining your ideal target audience in just 7 days, so you can build a lucrative wellness company without wasting time on same old marketing strategies that don't work and constantly seeing reasons why it can't happen.]

The 7-Day Brand Ignition Expedition is perfect for you if you want to ensure you are strategically positioned to have a profitable wellness business. Do not build your website without defining your tactical marketing components because a well designed website will only work if your business works. This bundle is a must have before you start your website creation process so you can ensure your positioning and differentiation are clearly defined. If you have not created your ideal client avatar yet, you may be confused about what makes you different or how to capture your competitive edge. Perhaps, you are having difficulty presenting your ideal offer and have not defined your value proposition yet? Or, you may be wondering how to create your niche in a very competitive wellness space? Or how to identify a profitable niche? Click "Learn More" below to see why this type of framework is the first step in ensuring your marketing is optimized and your website functional & relevant. 

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create a business website with Squarespace with no coding or technical gobbledygook

[Sanctuary Feat: Create a business website the smart way using proven strategy. The single most effective web design course to create a business website with Squarespace, so you can increase your web presence & build authority... and it's so easy. Plus, learn how to avoid “little” website mistakes that can trigger BIG problems.]

A mindful website that positions you as an expert in your space?...That speaks directly to your ideal client using emotional intelligence attributes that are a key in recognizing, anticipating, and meeting your client needs? And, all in just 7 empowering days! Let me ask you something: Do you want to be good at making a lasting impact as a wellness entrepreneur, or do you want to be good at making excuses? With my "Sanctuary Feat Squarespace Web Design Workshop" you will learn how to create a mindful business website with Squarespace with no coding or technical gobbledygook—even if you have no experience. Because I’ve done the heavy lifting and I am going to remove the fluff for you. The kind of fluff that makes you think the solution to more sales is spending endless hours posting on social media platforms trying to engage people who will never buy from you. Just wanting more free stuff…Does that sound familiar? Click “Learn more to see why this workshop changes everything.