Optimize your site for SEO so you can increase your relevance & traffic through keyword targeting


You can’t control your competitors.

But, here’s the kicker.

You can control your level of preparation for success. And, every website visitor is an opportunity for transformation.

SEO, or search engine optimization, helps by putting you in a position to be discovered.

It’s how your website ranks.

If you want an exact answer to “What is SEO,” the simplest way I can put it is that SEO is the marketing process designed to improve the quality and quantity of your site’s traffic.

But, let me be real with you.

It’s not an overnight thing.

SEO is a cost-efficient, long term investment that helps you increase organic traffic to your website.

You want to know the best part?

It’s one of the most cost-efficient investments currently available to you. And, structuring your content in SEO silos is the key to ranking for difficult keywords much faster.

The good news is that you can get a MAJOR head-start by focusing on SEO fundamentals through this SEO Brief add-on service. The SEO Brief is the first step of developing a strong SEO strategy for your wellness website & wellness blog. And while it’s the first step, it’s the one that should under NO CIRCUMSTANCE be overlooked.

And, here’s why.

This SEO Brief add-on service will help you figure out what your ideal clients are searching for on Google.

But, that’s not all.

The SEO Brief will also give you an organized way to structure your blog content in what we call SEO silos that maximize your chances of ranking for difficult keywords. SEO silos ensure that your content is organized based on relevance kind of like chapters in a book structure a book. Your blog is the book and individual blog post silos are the chapters. Organizing your content in SEO silos not only

Let me ask you this:

Have you ever written a really long school report that has multiple sections? Yep. Much like that report. That’s how you should view your blog. All of the blog articles are built around one core keyword phrase [the subject of your report]. But each blog article is a supporting subsection that gives unique value and grows your ideal client’s knowledge of the core subject.

You see, at its core, SEO is about having an in-depth understanding of your clients, their desires, and motives.

SEO silos provide a strategic structure to your blog. The structure increases your website’s relevancy, so both your ideal clients and Google can understand your website’s purpose faster.

Take a look at this.

The SEO Brief will give you:

  • The list of keywords your ideal clients are searching for on Google so you can optimize your website pages and increase your chances to rank for those keywords. Know this: You are probably wrong about the stuff they type in Google. Keyword data will provide valuable insights into your ideal client desires.

  • The keyword difficulty that will show you how hard it will be to rank for those keywords by looking directly at your competition.

  • I will run reports against thousands of keywords to select your top 30. You will receive a strategic report that includes 30 keywords in order of importance you should use on your website and blog articles so you can optimize your website using relevant copy. The keywords selected for your business will be ranked so the words you target have low competition, high volume, and highest likelihood of getting discovered.

  • 3 keyword-targetted blog articles I recommend you write next to kick off your blogging strategy [aka I will use your keywords to recommend the first 3 SEO silos for your blog]. I will then show you how to use the rest of your keywords to scale your blog using SEO silos strategy. This process will help you create a powerful blog content strategy using your keywords to further optimize your SEO game & discoverability by your ideal clients. Your strategic keywords not only play a key role in your ideal clients finding your site, but they also enhance the user experience on your site.

  • 5 headline formula hacks you can use along with your keywords to write social media posts and blog titles that convert better [with examples using your keywords].

  • Bonus: I will analyze your niche and give you top 5-10 profitable trends currently in your marketplace. How would it change things if you knew what your ideal clients are currently buying? If you had that data, how much more relevant could you make your offer? You can use the valuable insights I give you to further optimize your offer and website copy for conversions from lead to client.