Marketing Plans

A marketing plan will ensure your business is strategically positioned. Your marketing plan should be fluid, simple, and implementable. We will help you understand the following components to ensure your impact is multiplied:

  • The current market dynamics & industry trends
  • Competitive landscape
  • Market positioning, segmentation & differentiation (USP or unique selling proposition, and SWOT analysis)
  • Business mission and vision
  • Buyer persona profiles (psychographics, demographics, geographic)
  • Buyer’s journey: awareness stage, consideration stage and decision stage
  • Marketing strategy designed to improve your branding and positioning

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the underlying framework used to optimize your marketing cycle. More specifically, it is the process of automating repetitive marketing functions to maximize efficiency. We will work with you to help you select the most effective marketing automation software. Benefits of marketing automation include:

  • Better segmentation
  • Improved customer data integration
  • Strategic campaign management
  • Greater insight into email clicks, website visits and content downloads
  • Deeper look into how a lead interacts with your brand
  • More detailed customer profiles
  • Greater integration across all social media networks
  • More targeted communication
  • Better data and analytics necessary to make smarter business decisions
  • Ability to connect email marketing, content curation (discovering and funneling relevant content produced by others), and your own content

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