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We work with companies that help consumers make conscious decisions to improve a person's overall state of health and livelihood. More specifically, we provide marketing services to companies that focus on physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, occupational, and environmental well-being of society. Improve your benefit positioning by creating curated, cohesive, and value driven experiences through all of your distribution channels.The wellness market is highly competitive & growing. Do you compete on the basis of product differentiation, quality, or pricing? Our marketing services can help you build brand equity while creating a strategic differentiation.

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Companies that sell organic, natural, or Ayurvedic beauty and skin care products. For example, we may work with a skin care brand that focuses on organic products over its synthetic counterparts. Also, we do business with companies that specialize in healthy aging market research and companies that provide healthy aging services that support rejuvenation & wellness mindset. 



Companies that specialize in preventative and personalized health especially using alternative & holistic medicine. Some examples include acupuncture, counseling,  chiropractic care, homeopathy, naturopathy, massage therapy, etc. In addition, we do business with mind-body companies including yoga, meditation, and other spiritual wellness companies. 

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Companies that look at how psychological, and social factors intersect to affect health. Psychological factors include lifestyle, thoughts, personality traits, stress, etc. Behavioral factors are actions we take as a response to stimuli such as our habits. Social factors include culture, relationships, support systems, status, and ethnicity.

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Companies that offer workplace wellness programs including health risk assessments, nutrition, stress management, health education, fitness programs, and wellness coaching. These companies provide educational activities that improve the employee well-being. They enforce the wellness mindset, create more supportive work environments, and improve the organization's bottom line.

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Companies that are part of the tourism industry, but have a core purpose of promoting and advocating wellness tourism; real estate companies that promote the impact of our environment on our well-being, and incorporate wellness factors in design and architecture; and wellness home décor companies that are founded with a belief that our environment affects our well-being.

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Companies that specialize in fitness, healthy eating, nutrition, and weight management. For example, some of our clients may include whole foods markets that focus on quality & positive nutrition. In addition, we work with fitness and wearable technology companies that use big data to customize consumer wellness experience. 

All good marketing starts from within. We take the time to understand your core values, purpose, and differentiation.
— Introspec Marketing