Automated Welcome Email Sequence

[$150 per email, 3-5 emails]

Many wellness entrepreneurs regret not starting the list building process sooner. Think of your list as a virtual nest. Your subscribers are your nestlings. You want to make sure that your nest is intact and your nestlings taken care of. Remember that you have zero control outside of your email list. Facebook may ban you. Instagram may no longer exist 5 years from now. Your email list, on the other hand, gives you the control. When potential clients subscribe to your email list, it’s a huge deal. Don’t take it lightly. You’ve earned a little bit of their trust and they want to know more. Creating an automated welcome sequence will help nurture your nestlings. An automated email welcome sequence has the following benefits:

  • Targeted email lists are often the lifeblood of your launches and campaigns.

  • You can use your list as a form of ad-retargeting on Facebook to promote additional engagement without being spammy or annoying.

  • An automated email sequence is a great way to introduce your target audience to your value ladder without sounding salesy. Put a lot of thought into your opt-in incentive or offer. Create a unique free offer that people would pay for to build your list. And, then use relevant and engaging emails to provide even more value & sell the next offer in your value ladder.

  • Use your automated email sequence to reward your tribe with exclusive content that leaves them asking for more.

But there’s is a strategic component to writing profitable emails. An automated welcome email sequence typically contains 3-5 emails with 5 being the norm. I recommend using the epiphany soap opera sequence as taught in Dot Com Secrets [if you have not read this book yet, what are you waiting for! Get your free copy here.] The soap opera sequence strategy works like a soap opera narrative pulling your subscriber from one email to the next. Each email is open ended and it uses story telling to build trust and create a bond. The principal objective of the email welcome sequence is to create a paradigm shift that alters the way they view their current status quo.

Think of it as a mindset metamorphosis.

“But, how do I do that?” you may be wondering.

It’s easier than you think.

You do it by using storytelling to crush any false beliefs relating to the new opportunity or your offer, any internal false beliefs and any external false beliefs.

  • Email #1: Gift—Freebie download + your origin story (your aha moment).

  • Email #2: New opportunity epiphany—What false beliefs does your target audience have about the new opportunity (the vehicle) you are offering? You can call it myth #1. Think of it this way. Something happened in their past that is causing them to doubt your new offer. How can you crush that false belief? It’s good to use a testimonial or a case study to support your words.

  • Email #3: Internal belief epiphany—What are some internal false beliefs that your target audience may have and how can you crush them aka their internal struggles? You can call this your myth #2. The internal struggles are often the root cause of inaction. Sharing them means you are willing to be vulnerable. An internal false belief example may be “I never follow through,” “I always overeat,” or “I am really bad at exercising.”

  • Email #4: External belief epiphany—What are some external forces your target audience may view as a roadblock to taking action aka their external struggles? An example would be “I have bad genetics” or “Everyone in my family is overweight so I am surrounded by unhealthy meal options” or “I want to be healthy, but I don’t have time.” This is your myth #3.

  • Email #5: The Stack—The stack is where you take each of your false beliefs and convert it to a secret that becomes the curiosity hook that attracts your target audience to your core offer. It is in email #5 that you present your offer as a stack bundle.

If you are not familiar with how the epiphany soap opera sequence can create new opportunities for your business, let’s hop on a free website, no pressure consultation call.

Final note for all of the wellness entrepreneurs…

It’s so easy to think chasing subscriber numbers is an answer.

But remember, the goal is to attract, convert, & close. A list of 200 relevant and devoted subscribers is more profitable than a list of 2000 of subscribers who are not your ideal clients and will never purchase from you.

  • Build a targeted list

  • Nurture the list

  • Sell your offer