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[The single most effective web design workshop to create a mindful wellness website with Squarespace, so you can increase your web presence, convert visitors to leads & position yourself as an expert... and it's so easy even if you have no experience. Plus, learn how to avoid “little” website mistakes that can trigger BIG problems]


Create a mindful wellness website that captivates your ideal clients the easy way using squarespace

Are you in the right place?

I will teach you how to create a mindful website that looks great, feels great and works great  in 7 days without having to hire an expensive web developer, so you can maximize your brand presence & increase credibility as a thought leader in your space…even if you have no experience yet!

You are in the right place if...

  • You don’t currently have a website or the one you have is not working for you (outdated, doesn’t feel right, doesn’t look right, doesn’t work right)

  • You started building a website, but found yourself lost & disconnected from your vision (too many templates, how to write converting copy, what to put on your homepage, what does a winning service page look like, how to apply the best design principles, how to automate client bookings, and what are the SEO practices…really, there’s too much! It’s so easy to lose confidence.)

  • You find yourself saying yes to everything with little to no progress in revenue. You fail to position yourself as an expert because you are constantly changing what you do, who you serve and how you do it.

  • You have a strong purpose that is driving you to act right now…a purpose driven by your inner desire to have a lasting impact as a wellness entrepreneur. You often act on insights and perhaps something in your life happened that gave you a sign that your time is now.

So very helpful and knowledgeable! I was blown away, at the attention to detail and how much time and care went into her responses and answers. The entire interaction was as valuable as it was kind and caring. Love!
— Buildingup2020


squarespace website course for wellness entrepreneurs.jpg

Introducing Sanctuary Feat 7-Day Web Design Workshop

A new way to create a website using Squarespace…

take a look at these 5 reasons why this mindful web design course changes everything:

REASON#1: Apply the little talked about secrets about building a website that works great, looks great and feels great, but done in record time and without being agitated (dare I say while enjoying it?)

REASON #2: Stop worrying about the process and focus on just getting your website finished with conviction. I will show you a step by step website creation blueprint you never had before that makes all the difference.

REASON #3: Discover the principles the web design pros use to make sure their websites convert leads to clients.

REASON #4: Avoid the common SEO website mistakes that kill your google results & rankings.

REASON #5: Escape weeks and months of designing your website, but never finishing it and feeling overwhelmed with image blocks, index pages, copywriting and other techy hogwash that stops you in your tracks.

Can you envision a website like this for yourself?

A mindful website that positions you as an expert in your space?...that speaks directly to your ideal client using emotional intelligence attributes that are a key in recognizing, anticipating, and meeting your client needs? And all in just 7 empowering days!


Mindful web design uses your self awareness, self management, and empathy to build a website that delivers immense value to your ideal clients. When you use emotional intelligence to build your website, you are creating a strategy that recognizes that your clients make decisions based on how they feel.  These emotional touchpoints on your site drive engagement. 

Let me tell you the best part.

By going through your web design process this way, you are not just building a website in 7 days.

You are building a BRAND that's aligned with your soul's purpose. A brand you can stand behind, so when you have to ask for a sale, it never feels pushy or icky. 

And, here's why...


  1. Your purpose, core values, vision and differentiation will be clearly communicated to ensure your positioning is identified, so you can create a leading edge as a wellness entrepreneur. This is how we will raise the bar!

  2. Your website will be simple, easy to navigate, modern and eye-catching to ensure when your ideal clients visit your website, each experience is memorable & enjoyable.

  3. Your website copy will be relevant, targeted (niche), and educational because we will take the time to understand your clients (thoughts, motives & desires), the keywords your target market is using, and your industry.

  4. Your website will be an extension of your brand. Your web design will start with a strategic roadmap that ensures the branding consistency and exposure of your most authentic self.

  5. Your website will contain strategic conversion opportunities and calls to action that build your email list & grow your tribe, so you can have a site that is both beautiful & functional.

Health coach testimonial.jpg

A few kind workds from Sinead...

Sinead Quinn Biskup, a Holistic Health Coach

When I first reached out to Lana to work on my business I was completely unsure of what I needed to build a business online or via Social Media. I was of the school of thought that if my instagram and Facebook accounts were done correctly it would all work and suddenly I would have clients.Lana taught me there was so much more involved in building an online business brand. From the get go she blew me away with her professional approach and her passion. She is so engaged and passionate about her clients that often I felt like I wasn’t actually paying her enough. She also made me see the light and pushed me past my comfort zone - which isn’t easy to do, and has set me up for success with the reality of what I need to do to grow. There are no magic potion promises that wont deliver with Lana. It is the truth and passion all the way. Which I love! I look forward to working with her again because I will hire her again in a flash.

Sanctuary Feat Web Design Workshop

uses the easiest website builder, Squarespace, to show you…

How to easily create a mindful website in just 7 days that uses strategy, psychology & web design Without Wasting a Ton Of Time Looking For bits and pieces of Information all over the web Or Hiring Expensive Developers [especially good for you if you have been feeling extra testy know Burnt out From Stress & and frazzled from Lack of Direction.

easiest website builder squarespace.jpg

Squarespace Benefits

does thinking about your website leave you feeling like your brain has way too many open tabs?


You are not alone. If you want a mindful website that works right, feels right and looks right [like the ones above], there’s a lot to consider. And while all of the information you need is somewhere on the web, the key word here is somewhere. So ask yourself, “What is your time really worth?” You want to know a secret? The combo of this course and Squarespace kind of makes you feel like a huge web design expert in a very short amount of time even if you had no idea what you were doing when you started. And, that's pretty neat, right? A web design course that not only gives you a mindful & functional website that's easy to manage, but leaves you feeling empowered, excited and ready to grow your wellness business forward with immense conviction. The kind of clarity that gives you chills.

squarespace website benefit number 1.png

Squarespace Benefit #1

Flexibility & Design

Squarespace is an all in one platform offering beautiful templates and responsive design making it easy to build your brand presence, offer value and grow your tribe of raving fans. And all of that without hiring a coder or trying to be a coder yourself. Their drag and drop template makes learning how to design a breeze even if you are just starting out. Managing a blog, creating an e-commerce store, building a landing page for your freebie, or showcasing a gallery is now fun & simple.


Squarespace Benefit #2

incredible support

Let’s face it: Squarespace templates feature stunning and modern designs, but they are also super easy to learn, manage and design. Still, sometimes we get stuck. But, not to worry. The entire Squarespace team is sort of like your personal IT crew (that actually cares about you and your ranking on Google!) They offer 24 hour support including live chat & how-to tutorials. Not only that, you will have foundational insights into your most popular content, page views and other key analytics, too.

squarespace website benefit number 3.png

Squarespace Benefit #3

Safety & Maintenance

Squarespace gives you free and unlimited hosting. You never have to worry about security risks, which are all too common on Wordpress templates. Hacks, anyone? And not only that, Squarespace developers will update your site for you and you will never have to worry about faulty plug-ins that ruin your hard work after they stop being updated (yes, that happens in Wordpress a lot and it often results in poor website performance, functionality issues and even site crashes).

the course details ARE below

Introducing the Sanctuary Feat Web Design Workshop

Tell me this: Would you like a better way to create a mindful business website so you can increase your web presence, convert visitors to leads & position yourself as an expert...a process so easy even if you have no experience? And do you think it would make a difference if you learned how to avoid “little” website mistakes that can trigger BIG problems?

create a mindful business website with Squarespace.jpg

Sanctuary Feat Squarespace Web Design 7-Day Workshop

What You Get

Are you ready to learn how to create a mindful and strategic wellness website your ideal client will find irresistible without hiring a programmer or a graphic designer even when you have no idea what you are doing? Yes? Well, then, take a look below to see what you will master in just 7 days!


day 1

The quicker, better way to create a mindful wellness website. Learn how other successful wellness entrepreneurs set up their website superstructure using the #1 tool you’ve been missing all along that makes all the difference between starting a website project and delivering it to completion with flying colors. Plus uncover what you need to become a charismatic leader with raving fans—and all using the transformative power of introspection.

If you are joining me, I know something about you very important. You are ready to stop being a passenger. You are a pilot! Congratulations. And this is why I know you will understand when I say that you can’t build a great website with a weak foundation. So, grab your favorite drink and join me for your official Squarespace website kickoff. We will start by reviewing your Squarespace Web Design Trello board that will maximize your productivity and keep you organized during the 7 day workshop. It’s the #1 tool you’ve been missing if you ever attempted to execute a big project, like web design, in the past. So, you can stop jumping through hoops. Pinterest and chill, anyone? Ready to look below to see what’s in store on Day 1?

  • Think Introspective Mastermind: How to use introspection to create a heart-centered movement. This changes everything. Plus, learn exactly what you need to become a charismatic leader in your niche.

  • Select your site objectives

  • Build your site map

  • Craft your offer & VALUE proposition

  • Construct your ideal client avatar and learn how to use a simple strategy to crush their limiting beliefs

  • Create your brand voice (brand vision, brand operators, and origin story that gives your ideal clients a profound interest in your offers)

  • Create your brand physique (logo, typography and website brand board)

  • Select an optimal wellness template and billing plan

  • Set up your free domain

  • Move your existing site to Squarespace (if you have one)



day 2

Maximize organic traffic to your site by discovering what your ideal clients are searching + structure your website & blog content in SEO silos that help you rank for difficult keywords fast.

Learn why SEO calls the shots. Oh, my word. You know that feeling when you are so excited about something you talk a little to fast and use your hands a bit too much? That’s me on SEO. How do I tell you why we will devote an entire day to SEO? Okay. I got it. Because it’s the mother of all. Just look at the first bullet below. Do you see the power of SEO? Boom! And, just like that you will know why a pretty site without an SEO strategy is kind of like a trapped soul. You see, at its core, SEO is about having an in-depth understanding of your clients, their desires, and motives. And, that’s some powerful stuff. Check out our Day 2 content now:

  • Learn how you how to maximize organic traffic to your site by discovering what your ideal clients are searching + structure your blog content in SEO silos that help you rank for difficult keywords fast.

  • Create a strategic list of keywords so you can optimize your website pages and increase your chances of ranking for those keywords. Know this: You are probably wrong about the stuff they type in Google.

  • Learn the key and free tools you can use to select your keywords and what keyword factors make all the difference between success and failure.

  • Learn what Google considers the #1 ranking factor.

  • Discover an actionable SEO strategy you can apply to get the #1 spot in Google's featured snippet section.

  • Use my 5 simple attention grabbing headline formula hacks with your keywords to write social media posts and website blog titles that grab attention and increase engagement.



day 3

Website content & copy can break you or make as a wellness entrepreneur because failing to captivate and engage your ideal client results in ZERO engagement no matter how hard you work. Truthbomb: When you learn the power of persuasion, brilliant website copy is easy, even if you are not a great writer.

  • Map out the website content you will need, so you can write your website copy with ease by focusing on the right things, fast.

  • Discover copywriting secrets the pros use to increase the impact of their message and connect to their ideal clients--and how you can, too, while writing from the heart! [I include 16 closing scripts  and 5 curiosity hooks that grab attention like whoa!]

  • Master the art of persuasion so you can psychologically persuade your ideal client to take desired action.

  • Review example copy for all of your key pages and uncover the exact type of content you need on each page of your website to convert more visitors to leads.

  • Learn the key tips for formatting your images for Squarespace and how failure to use the right image size will significantly reduce your conversion rates.



day 4

Watch me design and apply the single most effective web design formula to create a converting homepage... and it's so easy! Plus see me design a simple services page from scratch using a format many six figure entrepreneurs use to attract more clients.

  • Watch me build a converting homepage from scratch with easy to follow steps you can copy using a strategic homepage formula.

  • Discover the key tips to building your footer & navigation.

  • Follow my super-smart plan I use to build a services page from scratch—and see why you can too! Winning service pages drive more sales because they make it easy for your ideal clients to see why they need your offer now!



day 5

Master the art of business story telling by watching me create an engaging about page using a fun business storytelling technique that builds trust and authority with your ideal clients, fast. But, that’s not all. I will teach you how to tackle the Contact page like pro (see bullet #2).

  • Watch me build an engaging about page using the power of storytelling that positions you as an expert on your website so that you can build authority and trust faster than your competitors.

  • We will end the day by creating a super easy contact me page that has all of the key attributes your clients need to get a hold of you without confusion and Google needs to help identify you.



day 6

You’ve probably heard someone say that the old blogging model is dead. Well, ahem…it’s true. Or perhaps you’ve discovered first hand that it’s almost impossible nowadays to get your posts seen. Also, true. To ensure your blog content gets attention from your ideal clients, you need to help Google find you. And you need to ensure your site has Terms of Service, Affiliate Disclosures, and Privacy Agreements in place. During Day 6, I will show you how to do just that so you can stop guessing.

  • Build your blog from scratch using this one thing Google said influences your website more than any other factors.

  • Mimic a sample blog content strategy using silos that helps you rank for difficult keywords, fast.

  • Discover how to use content upgrades on blogs to build your email list & get leads.

  • Review how I created my Terms of Service, Affiliate Disclosures and Privacy Agreements for free using online resources (Disclaimer, I am not an attorney. This is just a method I followed after a ton of research that works for me.)



day 7

Discover the secrets to high converting freebies and opt-in pages that attract your ideal clients. Truthbomb: Crazy, outrageous and complicated designs are kind of like talking to a wall. In simple words: That ain’t it! ;) Plus, save time on behind-the-scene website tech and…

  • Breeze over tech hookup & important 3rd party website integrations without tech overwhelm (analytics, email provider integration, social media integration, speed tests, custom 404 page, Google search console, taking blog post dates out of URLs, enabling your pin-it button, adding a favicon, turning on amp, adding a social sharing logo, disabling the Squarespace badge, getting your xml map, etc.)

  • Perform a final site audit & launch.


+ [for limited time only…]

These 3 Bonuses

personalized help & guidance from me during your 7 day squarespace workshop.png

Personalized Help & guidance from me

Unlimited and personalized email help from during the first 7 days of the course so you can have a real life resource if you get stuck on ANY part.

Trello Squarespace Board for Wellness Website Design.png

My #1 Web Design Productivity Hack

Customized Trello Squarespace web design board that organizes your step by step web design process to keep you on track & productive each day.


+ [web design toolbox…]

check these out

And, that’s not all. In addition to the 7 modules + 3 bonuses, I will give you access to my web design toolbox inside a personalized Facebook group limited to less than 15 workshop subscribers [perfect for introverts!]. This Squarespace web design course prepares you for success even if you failed to start or finish designing your wellness website in the past. Here’s are some other Squarespace workshop movers that set you up for success:


mindful web design

Are you ready

…to take the headache out of creating a mindful wellness website that actually captures the attention of your ideal clients while positioning you as an expert?

mindful squarespace web design workshop without feeling overwhelmed with tech.jpg

Here's a special message for every wellness entrepreneur who wants to build a website to increase brand presence, get more leads and make a lasting impact..., but, feels lost, disconnected and overwhelmed.

I was a little shocked when I realized I was lying to myself.

Hi, my name is Lana and if you want to succeed in creating your own website, then pay very close attention!

When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, like many, I was recovering from years of burnout from the corporate world. It was a year into my entrepreneurial lifestyle that I realized my dirty little secret: I was lying to myself.

So, what were the lies I was telling myself?

Gasp. Let’s see.



I need to spend weeks and months on things in order to get them perfect. Including my website.

I need to hang on a little longer. If I just keep doing what I am doing, it will finally work.

I am not ready. Do I really have what it takes to be successful? Can I live up to this? Am I a fraud? A, B, C (you know it) is the reason for my failure. I need to research this more since I clearly lack direction. It’s not my fault. I need more control.


I was obsessed with perfectionism. It left me feeling trapped and overwhelmed. Every time.

I was throwing away time & money into something that wasn’t working. I was terrified of rejection & failure.

I was procrastinating making decisions to avoid risks. I graduated as a #1 student in my MBA cohort, was a director of marketing in the corporate world & was always the first to get promoted. Yet I was terrified of success.


Here’s the deal…many wellness entrepreneurs suffer from the idea that building a website costs thousands of dollars and someone with no experience would never be able to build a site that works great, looks great and feels great.

And not only that, many believe that maintaining a site is super difficult and overwhelming.

But, nothing could be further from the truth.

This is where it gets interesting.

Let’s get a little introspective for just a moment.

Ask yourself, “How many limiting beliefs have been derailing you lately?”

The bottom line is this…

Do you want to be good at making a lasting impact as a wellness entrepreneur or do you want to be good at making excuses?


Because I’ve done the heavy lifting and I am going to remove the fluff for you.

The kind of fluff that makes you think the solution to more sales is spending endless hours posting on social media trying to engage people who will never buy from you.

Wanting more free stuff…

Ever feel depleted from how much you give away already only to see so little in return?

Because how much time did you already waste doing that? And, what is that time worth to you really?

Now, listen, here’s the exciting part:

This whole workshop is a crazy effective shortcut that came from a lot of trial and error. My "Sanctuary Feat Squarespace Web Design Workshop" makes it simple for you to do the following:

  1. Create a mindful website that looks great, feels great and works great  in 7 days without having to hire an expensive web developer or being overwhelmed with page content, rankings, or web design principles. [Because let’s face it…the entrepreneurial burnout game is strong. Many never make it past 3 years.]

  2. Maximize your brand presence & create quick credibility as a thought leader in your space...even if you have no experience yet!

  3. Differentiate yourself from all other wellness entrepreneurs and businesses by creating a visible competitive edge through your website brand presence.

  4. Grow your business with clarity about who you serve, what you offer and how you do it so you can say yes to the right things and no to the shiny object syndrome that plagues your success.

  5. Discover the one factor that is almost always ignored when it comes building a quicker emotional bond with your ideal clients on your website YET it is an instant trust builder.

  6. Use your website as a tool to grow your tribe through enticing landing pages & freebies that capture attention from your ideal clients.

... and much, MUCH more!

So, you can struggle no more.

And, what makes this even better?

>This: You never have to worry about feeling lost & disconnected from your vision due to overwhelm. [Like too many templates, how to write converting copy, what to put on your homepage, what does a winning service page look like, how to apply the best design principles, how to automate client bookings, and what are the SEO practices...really, there's too much! It's so easy to lose confidence.]

Now, let me ask you a question…

Ever feel like you are failing to position yourself as an expert because you are constantly changing what you want to do and how you do it?

For a moment, think about all of the things that haven’t worked for you.

Leaving you stuck and struggling?

And,constantly starting over…doing things you don’t even want to do.

"Sanctuary Feat Squarespace Web Design Workshop" will give you more clarity about your brand vision, so that saying yes about future marketing decisions will be much easier. A “yes” that aligns with your heart’s purpose.

And best of all... you'll have a mindful website that captures the attention of your ideal clients in 7 days.

Now, this is where all of this gets interesting. If you are reading this, it means that you are a part of an early beta course admission period. Here’s why that’s a huge win for you:

A website that works right, feels right and looks right usually costs around $10,000. Now, I am obviously not going to charge you 10K even though a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into discovering the best tactics & putting together a proven website building blueprint.

I am not even going to charge you half of that price even though it’s definitely worth more than that.

Check this out:

  • Like I mentioned above, if you are reading this, you are part of my early beta course admission period. This is GREAT news for you.

  • The ongoing price for the Sanctuary Feat Squarespace Web Design Workshop is only $997. BUT, you can get the complete workshop for an EXTRA $600 OFF right now if you sign up for my beta course waitlist—the waitlist sign up is FREE.

  • By signing up you will get the instant $600 discount code. But, this is for you only if you are ready and serious to make a change. If this is you, sign up now! The actual course will be $397 for the first 15 people only who pay for it when it goes live. Then the price will go up to $997.

That means that if you join the beta waitlist today, your price for the workshop once it goes live will be ONLY $397, a discount of $600 BUT ONLY FOR THE FIRST 15 PEOPLE WHO JOIN DURING THE BETA PERIOD. The sign-up for the workshop waitlist is FREE.

Sounds nuts, right? That’s because it kind of is.

With that said, I am not kidding when I say this is a beta price only limited to the beta workshop group only. As soon as the beta period is over, the price will go to the standard pricing of $997—which is also a GREAT deal.

But, $397 sounds better, doesn’t it?

I am sure you understand why I can’t keep it discounted by $600 for too long. And no, this is not just something I say to get you to buy this workshop.

Since I am still in the building phrase of this workshop, my beta group is super important to me as part of the feedback. I want to ensure the value I offer is UNMATCHED BY ANY OTHER SQUARESPACE WEBSITE WORKSHOP. By signing up today, you will get on the waitlist for FREE for one of the spots limited to the first 15 students on my beta team. By joining the waitlist, you will receive a discount code equal to $600. That means your workshop price will be only $397 instead of $997. As soon as the workshop is ready, I will email you to get started.

I am sure you understand why I can’t keep it discounted by $600 for too long. And no, this is not just something I say to get you to buy this workshop. I purposely limited the beta team to only 15 people because I want to have a cozy group [PERFECT FOR INTROVERTS] of entrepreneurs who are ready to create a mindful website and jumpstart their business with a purpose.

To show your commitment, you need to click the button AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE to join the waitlist.

Remember, spots are limited.

As my thank you for being a part of my beta team, you price for the workshop will be greatly reduced to $397 instead of $997—an unbeatable $600 discount.

This means you need to take advantage of this right away if you are looking for a lot of VALUE. This kind of value is hard to find these days that I promise you.

And, there’s one more thing I promise you:

Money Back Guarantee

Once the workshop goes live, if you are unsatisfied for any reason within the first 7 days of the workshop [which is the length of the workshop], email me at and I will give you a full refund. Just like that. No fancy conditions here. Because if I fail to deliver value to you, I don’t deserve your money.

Sounds fair?

So again, if you're a mindful wellness entrepreneur who doesn't currently have a website or if you have one it is not working for you, understand this:

  • This Squarespace website workshop will enable you to set yourself apart from competition without wasting weeks and months designing your website, and feeling overwhelmed with image blocks, index pages, copywriting and other techy hogwash that stops you in your tracks.

  • Many wellness entrepreneurs don't understand the importance of building their site in a way that builds their web authority on Google yet these principles make all the difference between getting seen by your ideal clients and getting lost in cyberspace. For a limited time, I am including an SEO section in the course so you can avoid the common SEO website mistakes that kill your google results  & rankings.

  • The Squarespace platform and my step by step web design blueprint makes it easier than ever to increase your brand presence and convert more visitors to leads.

But, I want you to realize something else…

Breaking old habits is near impossible for most people.


If you are going to take anything away from this section, this next part is a HUGE piece of insight into human willpower.

Charles Duhigg, in his book the Power of Habit, tells us something important about victories in life & business.

He states…

“Habits are powerful, but delicate. They can emerge outside our consciousness, or can be deliberately designed. Habits often occur without our permission, but can be reshaped by fiddling with their parts. They shape our lives far more than we realize—they are so strong, in fact, that they cause our brains to cling to them at the exclusion of all else, including common sense.” 

So, how can you actually use this?

Ask yourself why you failed to break your habits in the past.

Was it because you were terrified of change?

Or, because you always think there’s more time?

If you decide not to act now on this limited time offer, don’t you think by tomorrow you’ll have already slipped back into your old routine of overwhelm & depletion? You may be looking for excuses not to move forward.

And, then comes regret.

Am I right?

It’s not just you. It’s what most people do.

But, there’s is a second option here. And, yes, it requires you to take a leap of faith.

You can take advantage of this limited time offer by taking ACTION NOW. Crush those old habits goodbye. That’s what do-ers do. And that’s why they get ahead faster.

Without regrets.

And paying $600 more when this offer expires will be a BIG REGRET.

So will doing nothing at all.

Because nothing changes until you change.

Now, if you are ready to create a mindful website in just 7 days that uses strategy, psychology & proven web design principles ,

…without wasting a ton of time looking for bits and pieces of Information all over the web,

…without hiring expensive developers

…and, without headaches & overwhelm, take action right now.

To take action right now click the "I WANT TO SAVE $600" button below to join my beta class waitlist. All you have to do to join the waitlist is enter your email. There is NO FEE to get on the waitlist. By joining the waitlist, you will be first to get notified when my workshop goes live. That early notification will give you the opportunity to join my workshop once it is live with your special discount code for only $397--a discount of $600. [The discounted price is limited to the first 15 workshop subscribers only so the group can remain "introvert friendly" and cozy. The workshop price will go up to $997 after that.]

Will you be one of them?

I am a holistic consultant myself and as a 3rd generation intuitive healer, without a doubt within 15 minutes of our initial marketing analysis review, I was ready to put my trust and vision of rebranding my website design in Introspec Marketing’s hands. Talented Lana gave my lifetime vision & mission a ‘life’. I highly recommend her genuine warmth and professionalism and timely expertise. You feel love & support during and beyond your project timeline. I already have more future plans to work with Lana and her team.
— Neelam Rai, Holistic Coach & Healer