How to Set Up a Webinar

Get Clients Using Irresistible Webinar Funnels Even If You are an Introvert so You Can Stop Wasting Time on Worthless Social Media Posts

I didn't love the idea of a webinar funnel at first.

Truth bomb: As an introvert being on video was terrifying.

However, the research was saying that on average about 42% of people who register for a webinar attend the webinar. It gets even more impressive: 20-40% of those who watch the webinar go to become qualified leads for your business because webinars are one of the most engaging freebie lead magnets.

But, here's the kicker...

I wanted to show that introverts can be powerful on video, too. And use webinars to deliver value.

And, this is why I created a free Webinar Blueprint that gives you a proven checklist you need to complete your webinar funnel without feeling lost & second guessing yourself so that you can create interest, attract ideal clients and increase sales. 

📑Because I couldn't find a strategic & actionable checklist on how to set up a webinar when I needed it.

And, so you can finally fill your client roster using engaging webinars loaded with authentic value. 

Maybe you too can relate to some of my wellness clients who feel like their wellness marketing is not working.

➡️This is for you if:

• You waste time on strategies that don't work (like endless social media posts), but know that your time is better spent following a plan...yet you lack direction

• You want to use webinars to fill your client roster but you feel confused & overwhelmed…too many options, foreign words, where to start, how to start.

• You have purchased a "done for you package," but now have no idea how to use it to create a webinar to get leads & make money.

• You are driven by your soul's purpose, but lately marketing is sucking the life out of you. You see others using webinars successfully, but don't understand how they do it.

You probably feel like marketing has left you more confused, than empowered.

It’s not just you. So, give yourself a break.

The pace of marketing is insane. It’s so easy to be persuaded.

And hopeless.

And overwhelmed.

But, in today's world, using the right marketing strategies or NOT can mean the difference between growing a sustainable wellness business or wasting time on useless social media posts.

Now, let's get into the good stuff...

Are you ready to learn how to get clients using irresistible webinar funnels so you can stop wasting time on worthless social media posts?

That's what I am talking about!


How to set up a webinar is a big topic, so there will be more lessons coming up. Here's what we will cover today:

  • What is a webinar funnel exactly

  • Lead level secrets and why this is your pot of gold when it comes to funnel strategy

  • How to set up a webinar sales funnel & what type of webinar funnel you should select

  • How to master your webinar funnel topic

  • How to structure your perfect webinar pitch

  • What are the "must have" components of your webinar funnel blueprint [includes webinar funnel blueprint conversion recipe you can download with a step-by-step checklist you need to set up your webinar funnel]

  • How to create a leading edge as an introverted entrepreneur

What is a Webinar Funnel Exactly

At simplest terms as a wellness marketer, you must first understand that all marketing is just a conversation between people. On the other hand, a conversion is a desired action a person takes. Think about your business for a moment. Your sales cycle is your customer journey which includes various customer touch points that represent a key game changer. These touchpoints are conversions and the type of conversion you want depends on what desired action you want your visitor to take at that stage of your cycle. 

Here are some examples:

  • A visitor views your page

  • A visitor adds an item to cart

  • A visitor purchases an item

  • A visitor downloads a freebie

  • A visitor watches 15 seconds of your video ad

You get the idea.

Now, think about the word funnel in general. To funnel something means to guide or channel it usually through a small opening. A marketing funnel is virtual cone shaped tube through which your leads move through during your customer journey. Instead of your leads having 10 options as the next step, now they only have one. You are strategically guiding them toward the solution to their problem.

You see, the top of the funnel is a large opening with a lot of leads. As your leads move down the funnel, the opening is more narrow and the number of leads that go through is smaller as well. The top of your marketing funnel is an awareness stage, followed by the consideration stage and finally followed by the decision stage which is where the ultimate conversion occurs--usually a purchase or a major download. This process of moving leads through the different stages of your funnel is known as lead nurturing. 

To be a successful wellness marketer, you must know how to attract leads to your marketing funnel AND convert those leads to valued customers. 

Not an easy task, right...

But, this is where a webinar marketing funnel can serve as a huge tool.

And here's why:

A webinar is an online presentation or seminar composed of attendees and a presenter using video format. A webinar marketing funnel uses webinars as a lead magnet and a tool to deliver supercharged value in a way that promotes lead engagement.

Now, remember what I said at the beginning of this lesson: Webinar marketing funnels capture attention better than other types of lead magnets and have shown higher conversion rates from visitor to client. This is because the initial interaction through a webinar gives you the ability to form stronger customer relationships built on trust from the start. Together, this translates to increased lead generation and improved lead quality.

Pretty important stuff, right? 

And, what is that outcome worth to you? 

Lead level secrets and why this is your pot of gold

Remember that you have cold, warm and hot leads. Most of the leads that come through your webinar funnel will start out as cold leads. Your webinar funnel is the lead magnet or freebie. Each lead interaction should be customized to match the lead temperature. A while back, I read how Eugene Schwartz explains this and it stuck with me because it is simple, yet super powerful. I have added additional details to make my own spin on it, too.

So, if you understand and apply just this one thing to your funnel strategy, it will transform your copy and increase your conversions.

Here is the modified version:

Cold Leads: You should start your copy talking about the problem. The goal is to use the problem to create a visible need.

  • Problem aware

  • Don't understand what they really need (what is the solution) or what is causing their problem, but they may connect the dots if they see you talking about the problem

  • Have never heard of your products or services

  • Do not have a desire yet

  • These are the people who are the awareness stage and hit your webinar registration page

Warm Leads: You should start the copy talking about the desire.

  • Solution aware

  • Aware that they have a problem and have an existing desire to change the status quo

  • Have not yet realized that your product or service can fulfill that desire, but understand that there is a solution out there and may start learning more about different solutions

  • Possibly expressed some level of interest in the past or purchased from you in the past

  • May be a current subscriber to one of your blogs or landing pages already

  • Or, they may be following someone you know

  • These are the people who register to view your webinar, so opt-in

Hot Leads: You should start the copy talking about the product.

  • Specific product or service aware

  • Understand they have a problem, understand what the problem is, and have expressed a strong desire to change the status quo

  • Understand that your product is the solution to their problem and can satisfy their desire

  • Have the budget and intent to make a purchase

  • In most cases, you already have a relationship with them in some way so the trust has already been established (blog, podcast, email, prior purchases, etc.)

  • You can generally go straight to sales page with hot leads

  • These are the people who have viewed your webinar and probably stayed until the end

  • They trust you as the subject matter expert and feel like you gave them a lot of value already

The most important skill you can learn is how to convert cold leads into hot leads—this is the pot of gold you need to go from a struggling to a six figure wellness entrepreneur.
— Lana, Introspec Marketing

A webinar marketing funnel has several key stages that you must master as part of your funnel strategy.

And, that's what we will discuss next. 

[Full Disclosure: Some of the link used may be affiliate links. This means that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you click through a make a purchase. Trust & transparency is important to me and I work hard to ensure I only recommend what I call "game changers" for your business.]

How to set up a webinar sales funnel & what type of webinar funnel should you select


Your webinar funnel can be an automated or a live presentation. Typically, the first few webinars should be live.  When you host a live webinar, you get the opportunity to engage in real time and really understand your customer objections. Then, you can use that information to further optimize your delivery & content, so that by the time you automate your webinar, you have most of the objections covered.

That gives you immense power because it will have a direct impact on your conversion rate when you automate. 

A webinar is typically 90 minutes long. A standard format is to spend the first 60 minutes breaking and rebuilding limiting beliefs through value-ad content.

Your ultimate goal?

Oh, yes. 

It is actually to show your leads you understand their status quo, inspire hope in the future, diminish their fears & encourage their dreams.

By rewiring their brain, you can crush all of their limiting beliefs. 


And if you have read Expert Secrets (if you haven't you really should asap),you will know that Russell Brunson often talks about this as THE part that most entrepreneurs get wrong.

It's a struggle.

Most entrepreneurs think they should teach instead of break and rebuild false beliefs. But until those false beliefs are rebuilt, none of your leads will take action.

And,nothing will ever change for them. 

Or, you.

Just think about your false beliefs for a moment. 

Makes sense, right?

So, ask yourself, "What keeps your ideal client from believing you?"

The last part of your webinar is your pitch. Your pitch is the last 30 minutes.

Now, keep in mind that your webinar call to action can lead to an application or a sales page. 

This is important.

And, here's why.

If you are selling a product or service that costs less than $997 (generally your webinar funnel offer should not be less than $497 to stay profitable), the industry standard has shown that you should finish your webinar with a sales page and an order form as your call to action. Using this format, you will reveal the price in your webinar and sales page. 

But, if your product or service is more than $997, then your final call to action should be an application link, which will then lead to a sales call & final close. You will not reveal the price during the webinar. The phone call is pivotal because it allows you to get more personal, build more trust and further showcase your competitive advantage.  

Next, let's take a look at the typical webinar funnel cycle:

Webinar Marketing Funnel.png

This means that as far as your copywriting for your webinar funnel, you will need the following:

If you don't have the budget to hire a copywriter or just hate writing copy, I recommend getting Funnel Scripts

Now, the actual PowerPoint for your webinar is what usually what takes the longest. 

And, where many wellness marketers get stuck. 

I know I was. 

60 minutes is no joke. 

So, a little disclaimer here: I have gone through the ropes and created a modern and strategic webinar funnel blueprint PowerPoint template. 

Of course, you don't have to use it. 

But, I figured I at least mention it. 

Because it's good.

And, it will save you a lot of time. 

You see, I looked for a template like this when I was working on my first webinar. I wanted my webinar PowerPoint template to be modern, simple to use, and built on strategy using Expert Secrets formula for success. 

I couldn't find it. 

So, I created it. 

Here we go...

My webinar funnel PowerPoint template may be right for you if you are looking to

  • Build a strategic webinar funnel using a proven webinar PowerPoint template to create a value-driven workshop your clients will find irresistible

  • Fill your client roster faster because you won't spend endless hours creating and thinking about what you should include on your PowerPoint and what really converts best

  • Follow an optimized DIY webinar PowerPoint template designed to get you the most sales

  • Use psychology in marketing to deliver your message in a way that breaks those stubborn limiting beliefs so your ideal clients see the value without objections

  • Help you create a powerful ad copy designed to sell your offer seamlessly

In fact…this may be one of the best shortcuts you download for your webinar funnel. 

If I am wrong, let me know and you will get your money back.


We covered a lot of dorky, but useful things today, eh?

The next section is what people spend the least time on when it comes to a "how to set up a webinar funnel", but it's your first impression touchpoint. 

Don't take it for granted.

Any guesses?

Your webinar funnel topic! Want to know how to select your perfect webinar funnel topic?

Then, keep reading!

How to MASTER your webinar funnel topic

The most important thing you need to know about your webinar funnel topic is that it must deliver an irresistible outcome. 

We call this a bold promise. 

What is it the #1 problem your customer wants to overcome?

Remember that most of your webinar traffic will be cold leads. This means that they are problem aware--not solution aware. 

So, you must talk about the problem & present your solution as a new opportunity.

Why does this matter?

In Expert Secrets, Russell Brunson says that "The difference between having some modest success and changing the world comes down to understanding and implementing a new opportunity." People don't want improvement offers. They want new and exciting. They want a bold promise that will change everything! 

They want an answer to their cravings. 

What's more, if you are cause driven, this is the #1 key in creating a movement. 

So spend some time analyzing your target audience. What result do they want the most? And how can you create a vehicle to get them to that result faster and better than anyone else on the market? 

Armed with that data, use that information to create your bold promise headline. 

Tangible headline.

Concrete results. 

And, please no unicorn talk. 



Now, it's time for a little webinar funnel headline hack. Look, you've earned it by reading this far after all.

Below you will find my 5 favorite webinar funnel headline formulas: 

  1. [Provide social proof] [Ask a compelling question] Example:  These busy moms were able to feel better and lose weight : Do you want to know their #1 secret?

  2. Get [desired result] in [desirable time period] Example: Yoga for Energy: 30 Day Challenge OR Yoga for Weightloss: 30 Day Challenge

  3. [undesired result] + [mysterious solution]  Example: Stop Feeling Tired: 5 Often Misunderstood Facts About Your Fatigue OR Stop Feeling Tired: My Top 5 Relaxation Techniques for Sleeping Feeling Low: How These Busy Moms Increased Their Happiness by Changing 3 Key Things

  4. How to [a targeted outcome/result] without [some struggle factor] Example: How to Master Healthy Eating Without Sacrificing Taste (***This webinar funnel headline formula is usually the best performer and is the one known as the "Opportunity Switch" headline in Expert Secrets. An example Brunson uses in his book goes like this: "How to naturally destroy your kids ADHD & help them get better grades without giving up their favorite after-school snacks.")

  5. X Secrets or Little Known Facts About [Something Common] Example: Example: 5 Little Known Connections Between Your Stress and Headaches (you can also substitute stress with sleep deprivation)

The last thing I will say about headlines is, in my experience, a game changer. 

Here it is:

Your webinar funnel headline must awaken curiosity. Don’t give away the answer in your headline. Make them register for the webinar to find out “the how” and “the what” of your technique.
— Lana, Introspec Marketing

But that's just part of your webinar funnel story, right? 

Now, that you have your headline in order, it's time to structure your perfect webinar funnel pitch. 

Let's do it!

How to structure your perfect webinar funnel pitch

Another little known, but transformative tool Brunson uses in his book Expert Secrets to nail your webinar funnel pitch is something called curiosity hooks. He describes 5 curiosity hooks as the key to drawing the right attention from your target audience. 

Best of all, I will share them with you right now  and you can use them to evoke curiosity. 

The 5 Curiosity Hooks

  1. Little Known, Big Differences: Explains how this thing that is little known could create a big difference when it comes to generating longing success.

  2. Well Known, Little Understood: Shows that most people are sabotaging their success because they are misunderstanding key nuances about something that is well known.

  3. This Changes Everything: Paints a picture that something huge just happened in your market and that this one thing could change everything.

  4. The Crystal Ball Theory: Lets them know that things as they know it are about to change because something major will become obsolete. A new player is in town and if they get on board now, they will have an early starter competitive advantage.

  5. Revisiting the Fundamentals: Helps them visualize why going back to basics and revisiting the fundamentals will reduce overwhelm, simplify the status quo & maximize success.

You might be wondering, but how do I structure my entire webinar funnel pitch? Is there a formula?

And, the answer is yes! Again, my webinar funnel blueprint PowerPoint template follows this exact formula as shown in Expert Secrets, but I will give you an overview below as presented in the book.

Here are the key elements you can use to structure your entire webinar funnel pitch:

  • Create a new opportunity that solves a key problem

  • Understand the #1 thing you want your target audience to believe that is a key to what they desire the most. Hint: Your new opportunity must be the key to what they desire the most and they must believe that the best results are attained through your offer.

  • Package an irresistible offer built around the new opportunity and your core belief.

  • Master storytelling so you can tell your epiphany bridge story with confidence and enthusiasm and use it to build authority and trust.

  • Overcome 3 key false beliefs by introducing them as secrets during your webinar and use short stories to overcome each of the false beliefs. The first secret should be about any false beliefs they may have regarding your offer (vehicle-related false beliefs). The second secret should be about any false beliefs they have about their ability to accomplish their desired result (internal false beliefs). Finally, the third secret should be about some external force they think is stopping them from achieving their desired result (external false beliefs).

  • Close with a pitch

By now you understand that your webinar funnel pitch is all about breaking false beliefs and rebuilding confidence in the future using your irresistible new opportunity.
— Lana, Introspec Marketing

I know, I know. 

You are probably thinking, "Eeeeeek! This is a lot to do. And a lot to understand." 

Fair enough.

You are not wrong. 

But, remember that not all webinars are created equal. And, that good webinar funnels are very profitable.  Wellness space is very saturated. Competition is intense. Yet no other lead magnet builds your positioning faster or delivers more value than a strategic webinar funnel.
— Lana, Introspec Marketing

But, this is also why I saved the best cheatsheet for last. 


What are the "must have" components of your webinar funnel blueprint [includes strategic conversion recipe]

I am a firm believer that those who take small steps each day toward their desired strategic goal will become successful. 

And, the best way I know you can get there is through actionable, tangible micro-accomplishments. 

Let me introduce you to my best friend: CHECKLISTS, baby!

Simply stated, this is why I created a Webinar Conversion Strategy Blueprint Bundle

No tricks here. 

You must opt-in to get it. 

It's lets me know you are interested in my stuff. 

Stuff that takes a long time to create. 

Because I focus on quality over everything.

And, the results first and foremost. 

➡️Here's what my Webinar Blueprint includes:

(Hint: it's not mythical and there are no unicorns in this download)

  • GUIDEBOOK: My 19 page Webinar Conversion Strategy Recipe that you can use to create your own online workshop funnel

  • ROADMAP: A roadmap enabling you to finally master your webinar funnel & get leads that I used to build my own webinar (inside the Webinar Conversion Strategy Recipe Handbook). PS: My training came from a personalized webinar coaching from Julie Stoian herself who now works with Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels.

  • WEBINAR FUNNEL MAP: Webinar funnel map so you can visualize the cycle and customize your own webinar funnel (also included inside)

  • CONFIDENCE: A detailed breakdown that gives you a step by step list of tasks so you can schedule each webinar section accordingly. This method breaks the webinar building process into micro sections so you can finish one section at a time without feeling confused or overwhelmed. It can also be used if you have a VA or are hiring a contractor to help you as it provides actionable deliverables.

So, if you are serious about building a sustainable wellness business, get the checklist. It will make all of this more doable. 

Now, as it turns out, you may have clicked on this lesson because you too are an introvert. 

Perhaps, you were told you don't talk much in your childhood?

Or, you find yourself in your head a lot, thinking?

And, you feel the most alive being alone?

I hear you. My happy days include sitting by the fireplace cuddled next to my dog reading a book.

Or, visiting libraries. Oh, the smell of the books!

And, for a long time, I thought introversion was holding me back from becoming an entrepreneur.

Maybe you know the feeling?

Like I wasn't responding to the outside world the way I was supposed to, you know?

Stigma about introversion is still a real thing. 

This often left me feeling isolated.

But, then I discovered this immense appreciation and love for just the way I am. 

And, not only that, I saw it as a competitive advantage as an entrepreneur. 

This level of introspection revolutionized how I live & work.

I learned to be quietly unstoppable. 

Let me show you how next. 

How to create a leading edge as an introverted entrepreneur

Before we go deep into introversion, I want to ask you a question. 

Did you know that Gandhi, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg are all introverts? 

Inspiring, right? 

Now, just for a moment, think about being quietly unstoppable? 

I get chills just writing those two words. 

Because they mean so much. 

Quiet revolution.

During this journey, I discovered 3 powerful truths that enabled me to create a leading edge as an introverted entrepreneur.  

And, here's how you can, too. 

1. Use introspection as a path to self-discovery and acceptance.




These were just some of the words I used to hear about myself in school. 

I was always soft spoken. Yet, I had strong opinions. And as I matured, so did my self-awareness. And, I quickly realized that when it came to injustice or righting a wrong, my courage showed up out of no where. 

People were often blindsided by my strong will. 

"Yesterday, the quiet girl...fought tirelessly for what she believed."

You see, I discovered this about myself. I love having a cause. And, creating a movement toward that cause, but under one condition.

It had to be behind the scenes.

I wanted to lead quietly.

But, with conviction. 

And, it wasn't until I realized I could lead quietly, that my world changed. I was promoted at every job I had because leading quietly had it's advantages. 

I was fierce in my efforts to develop some of the lowest performers on my team using compassion, conviction, creativity, imagination and sensitivity. 

I listened and observed more than any other manager on the team.

And, then I hid away to make connections and apply what I learned so we can reach our objectives better than our competitors. 

I didn't scream.

I wasn't outgoing.

I still hated public speaking.

I wasn't the center of attention.

But, I WAS NO LONGER exhausted from pretending to be an extrovert. 

Most of the time.

AND, I WAS winning. 

Introspection was a key in increasing my self-awareness and building my confidence.

It turns out that by taking charge, I often avoided the dreaded small talk.

Plus, you know what?

Introspection was easy. 

And, it can be your #1 superpower as an introverted entrepreneur. 

2. Change how you look at marketing yourself (and doing webinars) by approaching it with a deeply seeded purpose

Yes, today I own my own marketing company.

But, I want you to know something about me.

At first, marketing terrified me. 

Especially, webinars. 

I sabotaged myself by secretly hoping no one shows up. 

But, that got me nowhere of course. 

So, I revisited the fundamentals. What were my key skills as an introvert?

  • Writing

  • Research

  • Insight

  • Observation

  • Preparation; and

  • Focus

I was good at researching data. And, analyzing what successful webinar entrepreneurs did well. But, what really changed things for me was a mindset shift in how I viewed webinars. I knew webinars were some of the best ways I could deliver value to my target audience. 

So, I figured that if I could approach webinars with a deeply seeded purpose that I would be in my element even as an introvert. So, I became really good at studying the competition. And, then hiding away to focus and create an intense webinar PowerPoint presentation that screamed "cause" even if I was quiet. And, like I mentioned earlier, I created a robust Webinar Funnel Conversion Blueprint. 

And, that worked better than I ever expected. I was forming genuine & deep connections with incredible people. 

So, my advice for you here is this:

As an introverted entrepreneur, use your cause and purpose to create passion for your pursuits even when you are outside of your comfort zone. Then, use that passion to zone in on your strengths & take action. 
— Lana, Introspec Marketing

3. Create a wellness space as your quiet nook that maximizes your focus, sparks innovation and energizes your spirit. 

Introverts excel working in solitude and typically exhibit the ability to focus for longer periods of time. We can't always control the amount of stimulation we receive, so a quiet wellness space could serve as an important recharging station. Because being an entrepreneur gives you the ability to work from anywhere, use that as a form of competitive advantage. 

Think of your work space as a psychological safety retreat.


Where you can remain unseen. 

And, unheard. 

Until further notice.

Even in your pajamas without judgement. 

So, you can master the other stuff that drains you when needed.

Kinda like being put on the spot. 

Or, when you can't get a word in edgewise. 

So, yes, the third truth is this:

The research shows that introverts are more sensitive to external stimuli. Creating a quiet wellness space void of interruption crafted for your solitude will increase your vitality, improve your focus, and maximize your productivity.
— Lana, Introspec Marketing

As you can see, my three truths are not extraordinary.

But, they can help you create a paradigm shift to live, work and play better as an introvert. These truths are solid instruments you can use to create a leading edge as an introverted entrepreneur. 

The bottom line

Next time you are wondering how to get clients in this gregarious world, remember this:

Introversion is not something that needs to be cured.

Or, something you need to hide.

You can stand out AND be quiet. 

You can lead from behind. 

Focus on staying true to your authentic self and create the business of your dreams founded on your values.

Susan Cain was quoted saying, "There's zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas." 

And, wow is that true. 

Now, ask yourself, "Am I ready to get clients using irresistible webinar funnels even if I am an introvert so I can stop wasting time on worthless social media posts?


I know I was! :)

Download your Webinar blueprint, so you can learn how to set up your webinar funnel step-by-step with an unbeatable & actionable checklist!