SEO Blog Writing Service Package


The word on the web street is this…No one is reading my stuff. Blogs don’t work. I am not a good writer. I don’t know what to write about. Blogs are dead. I don’t understand the benefits of blogging for a small business.

At least that’s what I am hearing from other wellness entrepreneurs.

They find it frustrating. And, time-consuming.

And, for what?

You started your wellness company so you can transform lives. Enjoy your work. Take care of your family. Travel the world. Have time for wellness & fun.

Can you relate? Is this you?

The truth is that no one is good at everything. And, marketing is a beast.

You can have a 6 figure business even if marketing is not your zone of genius. [Although, getting obsessed with your marketing is the fastest, most efficient road to wisdom and profitability as a business owner.]

But here’s the kicker…

Most of the time, unfortunately, you get what you pay for. Gone are the days of just publishing a random piece of content and check.

One & done no longer works.


The old blogging model is dead.


Google has ranking rules. It’s a complex algorithm. You need to write in a way that helps Google find your content.

But, wait.

What works?

Unique experience.

Best blog writers know that highly qualified, highly targeted, highly engaging content is the key to generating traffic on your site.

Don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear it from Google.

Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors.
— The Google Search Quality Team

This is why I didn’t want to offer just another blogging package. Blog Starter Satchel package was created with wellness entrepreneurs and small business owners in mind first and foremost.

Especially those who are ready for their new website and understand that quality content is a key for generating leads and building your website’s authority on Google.

So the chances of your ideal clients discovering your services are increased.


But, what are the real benefits of blogging for a business?


Want to know the best part of blogging?

You see, I like this question. Let’s review.

Benefits of Blogging for a Business

I suppose before you even think about starting a blog for your health and wellness website, you should understand the benefits of blogging for a small business. Take a look at this list:

  • Increase traffic to your website by providing relevant and engaging content your target audience wants to find

  • Improve search engine optimization through strategic blogging that increases your discoverability on Google [more discoverability means more leads]

  • Give your small business an authentic voice that builds authority and trust faster

  • Increase and build brand presence for your wellness company by sharing your content on key wellness and social media channels

  • Gain influence and become a subject matter expert in your niche

  • Use your blogs as a landing page for your opt-in offers to seamlessly promote your freebies without sounding salesy or spammy [authentic value through targeted offers that provide even more value as the next step]

  • Use blogs to grow your tribe & expand your network

  • Don’t just let others create your online identity [even though this will still happen]. Take genuine interest in building your online identity yourself, so your first impression remains a positive one and ranks high on Google

What You Get: Blog Starter Satchel Package Details

Blog Starter Satchel is a perfect blog content writing service package for entrepreneurs looking to start a health and wellness blog on their new website. The Blog Starter Satchel package includes the following:

  • Three 800 word blog articles customized for your wellness website

  • Easy to read text that is written beautifully and easy to follow

  • Engaging & unique content written with your ideal target market in mind

  • Targeted keywords that anticipate your ideal client search behavior [If SEO Brief is purchased]

But, here’s where we become a team. You should know what your ideal clients desire, so your blog articles can give it to them. If you are unsure what you should write about, stop for just a moment right here. You should look into purchasing my SEO Brief add-on service. The SEO Brief will give you the targeted keywords that anticipate your ideal client search behavior that I can use in your blog article to create strategic content better equipped to drive traffic to your site, fast. I also recommend having a freebie you can use as a content upgrade in your three blog posts so you can maximize your blogging currency.

Final Note:

The Blog Starter Satchel package is the first step in developing your health and wellness blog. Blogging and search engine optimization are a long term investment, so a long term blogging strategy is the key. With that said, targeted blog article with powerful freebie content upgrades can be an immense source for list building even short term as long as your freebie offer provides a solution to a big problem.